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As a full service estate sales company, we offer turnkey services to our clients. We strive to make your life easier, and give you the option to make just one call to solve your needs. Most companies are done at the end of the sale, leaving you to clean up the aftermath. We aren’t that company. We have the resources and the teams to make your life easier. Here’s what we can do for you:

What happens to the items left?
With our sales, we are aggressive in pricing, and create an atmosphere where people want to buy. We typically sell well over 90% of all contents. In some cases we have sold everything, however when there are more non-saleable items, we have formed great relationships with dealers and customers that want to buy in bulk at the end at reduced prices. Our motto is “We Want to Sell it All”
We offer full clean-out services, including donation of items that may be left after the sale.
How do we (the clients) prepare for our estate sale?
Remove all items not for sale prior to pictures, marketing, and staging of the sale.
Remove all personal items, papers with personal information, and personal photos.
If items not for sale can’t be removed from the home, please identify a private room for “not for sale items”.
If items of furniture can’t be removed, or placed in a private room, those items need to be identified and labeled as “Not for Sale”.
Please “Don’t Throw Anything Away”. Leave it to the professionals. Your trash is someone else’s treasure.
How Long Does It Take?
Depending on the size, and contents, we can prepare your home for sale in 2-5 days. Research and preparation is a key element to a successful sale. We spend a great deal of time researching and understanding the value of your sale.
Most estate sales range from 1-3 days, with the occasional large sale that can last up to 5 days.
If you request clean-out and donation services after a sale, the clean-out process may take up to an additional 3 days. We will advise of those timelines based on the scope of services requested, and if the need arises.
How Do People Find Our Sales?
We are listed as a Gold member on www.estatesales.net (the internet’s premier and most viewed source for estate sales).
Our web page www.mykbeths.com
We advertise in local newspapers, and use signage to direct the flow of traffic to the sale.
We have an extensive personal email list, combined with the extensive email list of estatesales.net to reach thousands of customers from any region.
We use social media, such as Facebook, and twitter to connect with customers.
Our aggressive advertising and marketing strategy is second to none. This dedication means you will have a successful sale with more items sold, and a sale that yields a better financial result at settlement for you.
What does it Cost:
There are no consultation fees. Our commission covers all set up of a typical sale.
All veteran families receive a special military discount. Our commission for veteran families is 30%, and the family receives 70%, or 70/30 split of all gross sales.
Our standard commission is 35%, and the family receives 65%, or 65/35 split of all gross sales.
For sales projected, and that generate less than $4,000.00 our commission rate is 50%. We will advise you at our initial consultation, and/or contract signing if we feel your sale will generate less than $4,000.00.
We cover costs of all advertising on the internet, and if needed (1) newspaper advertisement of your choice.
How and when do we get paid?
Myk-Beth’s provides a sales summary of all major items sold, indicating the amount items sold for at settlement.
Myk-Beth’s pays 65%, of all gross sales to clients as our standard rate. 65/35 split.
Myk-Beth’s pays 70%, of all gross sales to clients that have served in the military. 70/30 split.
Within (7) days you will receive your certified check which reflects the full commission of total sales with absolutely NO deductions, taxes, or hidden fees.
What does “Full Service Mean?
Cleanout all remaining trash and non-saleable content and furnishings from the home.
Coordinate and donate remaining items to charity. We send the donation slips to you.
Full whole house cleaning, which includes interior windows, light fixtures, and cabinets. (This also includes outbuildings and garages).
Professional carpet cleaning.
Painting, light repairs, project management of all services needed for getting your home ready for the market, or for the new homeowners if you’ve sold the home. Many of our clients choose Myk-Beth’s for these services.