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Michael Heads to Virginia Beach, Liquidation for a Fellow Marine

When a fellow Marine calls, you answer!!! We're liquidating all contents of the home of an American Hero, a U.S. Marine.

Please pay attention when parking.  Parking is restricted, only park in visitor spaces. If the space has a name DO NOT park there, you will be towed. 

Sunday is 50% Off

A large collection of highly collectible clean vinyl records including The Beatles, Jennifer Warren, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, Bob Seyer, Janis Joplin, Bruce Springsteen, to name a few. We will not pre-sell or allow previews. We have been assured everything will remain for the sale. 

There's a high end studio quality "Thorens" turntable, electronics, flat screens, some antiques, numerous marvelous signed local and national art of a variety on genres, pieces by Greg Copeland, and over 300 pieces of modern and vintage pottery, contemporary and mid-century furnishings, books, sculptures, collectibles, and other household items. We hope to see you there, we want YOU to have it all.

There are 30 Pipes 

Pipes are:
Chippendale CD
Banduntini Granouc 713
Comoys B215
GBO 9436 - 145 - 1706
Pettersons Kapet 1065
Stefano (Israel)
Prince of Whales
GBD 9665
Rainbow GBD

More pictures and details to come as we prepare the home for the sale. We will be posting new pictures up to Friday, there's so much to see and find.

Semper Fi!